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Welcome to the WikiRing Blog. This is where the partners talk about what we're working on or thinking about.

The WikiRing Partnership is a pool of the world's most experienced Wiki users, developers, and consultants, who have partnered to provide users of open source Wiki and web collaboration tools with a one-stop support solution. Our unique organizational strategy offers specialized teams at very competitive rates. The WikiRing Partnership is able to tap into a huge experience based knowledge-base belonging to the partners. Each time you work with an WikiRing consultant, you are not just working with one individual. Instead, you are working through them with a team of highly experienced and professional experts. Not only that, but partners have access to the unique WikiRing solutions database, which lets us turn around your requirements more reliably and cost-effectively than any other group. Because you are working with a worldwide team, your support requests are dealt with by an expert at any time of the day or night.

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