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14 Nov 2009 – 16:57 in tagged , , , , by Andre Ulrich
One year after the commercial take over of its time look how TWiki and its successor Foswiki performed. A small blog series will cover facts and give you insight into the development status of both projects.


As a Wiki consultancy we regulary got asked about different projects and how good they are. In case of and customers are very irritated and cannot see the difference. The fact that Foswiki is based on TWiki, but got developed much further within the last year is not obvious to most users. Contrary to the fact that Foswiki is the superior product, TWiki still has the better recognition marketing wise.

In order to help our customers getting an insight into the development of both projects I will do an analysis and compile the results in an understandable way. The results will be published in a small series of articles.

The first analysis will be based on core development of both projects, as this is a major indicator for the health of a software project. This is because you need a lot more knowledge and background for developing the core product than for writing an extension with a clearly defined API.

As the analysis will be based on open source, you can easily check the correctness of the data by yourself. For the first analyzation I will use the following sources:

  • SVN trunk/core
  • SVN trunk/core

Stay tuned and see how Foswiki and TWiki developed over the past year.

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