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17 Nov 2009 – 09:55 in tagged , , , by Andre Ulrich
It is often claimed that only a few developers moved from TWiki to Foswiki, therefore the first article will look at who are/were active core developers of both projects.

Number of core developers

The analysis focus on core development of both projects, as this is a major indicator for the health of a software project. This is because you need a lot more knowledge and background for developing the core product than for writing an extension with a clearly defined API.


"We have healthy downloads, an active user community, and a very active support community. However, we are a smaller developer community than we used to be."
Source: Blog post by Peter Thoeny ( – 11 Nov 2009


Developers of TWiki and Foswiki
Core contributers
CrawfordCurrie CrawfordCurrie
KoenMartens KoenMartens
MichaelDaum MichaelDaum
RafaelAlvarez RafaelAlvarez
AndreUlrich AndreUlrich
TravisBarker TravisBarker
ArthurClemens ArthurClemens
GilmarSantosJr GilmarSantosJr
LynnwoodBrown LynnwoodBrown
OliverKrueger OliverKrueger
ColasNahaboo ColasNahaboo
KennethLavrsen KennethLavrsen
MarkusUeberall MarkusUeberall
SvenDowideit SvenDowideit
AntonioTerceiro AntonioTerceiro
WillNorris WillNorris
MartinCleaver MartinCleaver
New to core development
SebastianKlus SebastianKlus
OlivierRaginel OlivierRaginel
EugenMayer EugenMayer
LarsEik LarsEik
IsaacLin IsaacLin
GeorgeClark GeorgeClark
AndrewJones AndrewJones
New developers
2 Core Contributers 32 Core Contributers


Developer community:

Look at the list of developers contributed to the core of both projects since the commercial takeover of The development community has dropped to almost nothing – only Peter and his employee Sopan is left. Whereby all other core developers moved to Together with new developers, Foswiki has almost doubled its core contributors!

  Number of core contributors
  before commercial takeover
of (2008-10-27)
one year later (2009-10-27) 18 2 n/a 32

Healthy Downloads:

Yes, lots of users still download the old TWiki code as they don´t know about Foswiki and its progress. Our marketing was very bad as we are better in concentrating on improvements than in talk about it. Sadly even most of our old TWiki user community don´t know about Foswiki and may wonder why there is no progress on


As the analysis is based on open source, you can easily check the correctness of the data by yourself. For the first analyzation I used the following sources:

  • SVN trunk/core
  • SVN trunk/core

Don't miss the rest of the series:


1 gmc replied 3 hours, 9 minutes later

Some other sources underwriting your results

Sven Dowideit made a reasonable comment on IRC as well, with links to some objective sources that confirm your analysis:

11:31 <@SvenDowideit> and shows those stats reasonably too

Quite dramatic indeed! … reply

2 MichaelDaum replied 1 year, 2 months later

Ohloh Charts

… show that we are doing quite fine actually. Note also, that the number of active contributors is higher than ever before, even on the old project.


(red: foswiki, green: twiki) … reply

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