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12 Apr 2010 – 16:09 in tagged , , , by Crawford Currie
The WebDAV support for Foswiki took another leap forward this morning, when we finished development of a new FilesysVirtualPlugin which supports different views for topics. This makes Foswiki topic content much more accessible to a wider range of tools.
Some time ago we (C-Dot Consultants and Kontextwork) jointly released the WebDAVContrib and FilesysVirtualPlugin, which together support access to Foswiki data via the WebDAV protocol. More recently we released the WebDAVLinkPlugin, which enhances the integration of WebDAV documents into Foswiki, by allowing links to WebDAV documents to be edited using native applications on the client, such as the Microsoft Office™ suite.

That's great for working with attachments, but what about topics? Up to now, if you wanted to edit a topic, you had to edit the raw Topic Markup Language (TML) that the topic was stored in. Using Microsoft Word to edit TML is like using the space shuttle to commute 2km to work. Life would be much simpler if we could feed Word with a format it understands, like HTML.

We've been able to WYSIWYG edit Foswiki topics in the browser for a long time now; so the technology to convert topic content to other formats and back again exists; all we needed was a way to present this through WebDAV.

What we need to do is to give the WebDAV user a way to select what format they want the topic in. We've done this by allowing the same topic content to be mapped to more than one file entry in a WebDAV directory listing; each file entry is referred to as a "view" (because it's just a different way of looking at the same data).

The FilesysVirtualPlugin is configured with a list of views that it supports; for example, txt, html, json. When it is asked for a list of files in a Foswiki web, it generates a file entry for each of the different views, so the topic MyTopic ends up with the entries:

  • MyTopic.txt
  • MyTopic.html
  • MyTopic.json
These file entries can be read and written just like normal files; the FilesysVirtualPlugin takes care of mapping the content back to TML. Because these file entries are all views of the same data, then if you edit MyTopic.txt, then MyTopic.html automatically changes too, and vice-versa.

Besides txt, html, and raw, two meta-data views have been provided, json and perl. These views allow you access to topic meta-data. It's easy to add new views, and we foresee other useful view types, such as xml and yaml coming along later.

WebDAVContrib, FilesysVirtualPlugin and the companion WebDAVLinkPlugin are available from Kontextwork.

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