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13 Dec 2006 – 09:00 in tagged , , , by Sven Dowideit
Sven Dowideit takes a closer look at a couple of existing TWiki skins and how they work.

Sadly, they are not much help for new skin developers and web designers, as they set no real consistency that can be built on. To try to resolve this, I have altered the default skin to offer better reusablility – initially as a base for the new TWiki CssZengardenSkin.

Industry Romance

The documentation in TWikiTemplates defines the twiki.SKIN.tmpl file to be a convenience container, rather than a high level layout that can then be specialized by the HTML Page Template. The TMPL:P directives suggest to me another approach – one that gives HTML conversant designers a single entry point into the TWiki skins system.

After successfully creating the proof of concept CssZengarden Skin (and using it on my Blog/Website) a month ago, work stalled. At that point, the TWiki Skin comprised only of a single twiki.zengarden.tmpl file and some css – all other template definition being inherited from the TWiki default skin. What I hope to