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3 months, 2 weeks ago in by Crawford Currie perl plugin security twiki
A new plugin uses the Safe module in Perl to constrain perl scripts in TWiki topics so they are safe to execute on your server.
We recently developed a TWiki plugin to support execution of Perl scripts that are written in TWiki topics. The scripts are executed on the server, and of course that means we have to do everything possible to ensure those scripts don't open security holes.For years Perl has had the Safe module, a clever package that provides a tightly constrained execution environment for Perl eval statements. Perl compiles all its code to a rich set of high level opcodes, which are then run on a virtual machine. By limiting the set of opcodes that are allowed to be run in the container, the Safe module can be used to create a very secure execution environment.For example, most people would consider the perl 'backtick' operator to be very dangerous, as it allows the caller arbitrary access to the shell. Backtick has a corresponding Perl opcode – called backtick – and to disable it, all we have to do is to remove it from the set of legal opcodes. The Perl developers have even gone so far as to classify the operators according to the usual safety concerns that a caller may have, making it relatively easy to decide which to allow, and which to exclude.Of course there's more to safety than that. We also have to be sure that the code being executed only has access to the namespaces we want it to have access to. The default condition for scripts run in a safe container is that they can only access the namespace of the container. We have to explicitly grant the container access to other namespaces when we create it.Of course there are potential risks with allowing any sort of script execution on your server, but in the case of a web server behind a corporate firewall, those risks are relatively small, and the 'Safe' module helps to make sure that such scripts are well controlled.The new TWiki plugin, called the PerlPlugin, is released under the GPL and is available to all WikiRing consultants for deployment on client sites.
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